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Billy Linacre - Reflection

Once Around

Billy Linacre sadly passed away after a short illness. Unfortunately; due to COVID restrictions a lot of his friends and colleagues could not attend the funeral service to pay their respects. It was heartening to see arrangements were made for Billy's funeral hearse to drive into Bootle Ambulance Station on the 12th June 2020 and complete a once around of a guard of honour of Billy's family and Colleagues who responded with a heartwarming round of applause.


Billy joined the then City of Liverpool Ambulance Service, as a cadet in 1972. He was in M squad along with, amongst others, Steve Clarke, George D’Arcy, Dave Sullivan, Peter Chapman and Gerry Wignall.
Billy passed out of the Cadets in 1974 and began working on days (outpatients) in various stations including Westminster Road. As the years passed he managed to obtain a shift position, responding to emergencies from Westminster Road, Gillmoss and Fazakerley stations.
Gaining his paramedic qualification in the early 1990’s he could be found on the Rapid Response vehicle, working out of his final station – Bootle.
A cool, calm, deep thinking gentleman, Billy could cope with all things with a debonair parlance that could only be admired. His often used phrase of “take your time” when there was a crisis looming, gave credence to his laid back attitude.
Billy cared for all those he treated, he always went the extra mile saving many lives along the way.
Thank you for service Bill.