Coming together

Mersey Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MMAS)

Local government changes in 1974 brought about two significant changes to the City of Liverpool Ambulance Service and its surrounding partner services. These being the merger of the services that formed part of the new County of Merseyside and secondly the change of responsibility and control to that of the National Health Service. The second change shows a milestone moment in people’s mind-sets that the Ambulance Service was now being recognised as a healthcare provided as opposed to that of a transport organisation.

From its origins the Chief of the new MMAS was Albert Guinney who would continue to lead the organisation until his retirement in 1988.

The Ambulance Services that merged to form the new service in line with freshly drawn up Local Authority boundaries were:-

Cheshire Ambulance Service (Part)
City of Liverpool Ambulance.
Bootle Borough Ambulance.
Lancashire County Ambulance. (Part)
Birkenhead Fire and Ambulance.
Wallasey Fire and Ambulance.
St. Helens Ambulance.
Southport Fire and Ambulance.