`Our scrapbook of career memories

Our Scrapbook

This is a scrapbook taken over many years. It contains photographs of various things to do with the Ambulance Service. The common denominator is that they all mean something to someone at some point in their career. Obviously some of them are dated which reminds us how things have progressed in our world of pre-hospital care.
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Lancashire County Kirkby Station
Judges Drive public demonstation
Poice escort Dixon of Dock Green style
City of Liverpool Ambulance livery
Cadets at Belmont
Police assisting Peter Hanton at RTC
Penny in the Pound Ambulance at Central Station
CKB 999K Bedford St, Liverpool 7
Lancashire County at Queens Rd/Breck Rd.
Minuteman C
Building collapse in Aigburth
Bedford Hanlon
Echo 07 at Quarry Street Public display
Heswall Station receiving new vehicle
Museum at Crosby Station
Museum vehicles
Helimed on approach
Helimeds at serious RTC Cheshire
Helimed arriving at A & E
North West Helimeds
North West Helimeds
Early easy loading system