The history of pre-hospital care in Liverpool, UK.

The timeline is an interactive way of starting to show the key developments that have helped shaped the Ambulance Service of Merseyside and Cheshire over many decades. The timeline will be shaped as we receive more historical content from retired and service members.
  • Circa 1883

    Humble Beginnings

  • Circa 1941

    The Blitz

  • Circa 1948

    Birth of the NHS

  • Circa 1948

    City of Liverpool Ambulance Service

  • Circa 1950's

    Police Promotional Video 1950’s (Showing City Of Liverpool Ambulance)

  • 8th October 1957

    Business Continuity Lessons

  • 22/06/1960 14:41 hrs

    Radio message “Make Ambulances 14”

  • Circa 1964

    Cadet Days

  • Broadcast 1972

    The Liver Birds

  • Circa 1973

    Mersey Metropolitan Ambulance Service

  • March 1975

    Blood and Guts

  • Circa 1991

    Mersey Regional Ambulance Service

  • July 2006

    North West Ambulance Service