Since its introduction on 30th June 1937 the ability to summon help via dialling 999 can easily be taken for granted. It is easy to forget how difficult it was to summon the right type of help for victims and trying to do that promptly in situations in which time truly mattered was near impossible.
From shouts of help, community runners, Policemen's whistles, Police Call Boxes, Public red telephone kiosks on street corners; through to the futuristic prevalence of the smartphone today. They have all had one thing in common in that there have been dedicated people ready to respond to medical emergencies at a moments notice whether it be medical or trauma related.
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Picture showing ambulance call box in Warrington

Response and transportation has come in many forms; from stretcher bearers, wheeled stretchers, horse drawn carriages, a vast array of motorised vehicles to its current highly modern fleet complimented by specialised rescue units and air support.
This ability to dial 999 for help is a cornerstone principle of society. Being able to respond to someones medical emergency and being able to say the simple and powerful words "Ambulance Service " has been and continues to be a source of great pride for the men and women who have served in the Ambulance Service.

“Ambulance paramedics we are here to help you”