Recognising the individuals who have been part of the team.

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People are an Ambulance Service's most powerful asset………
A true fact
As soon as a 999 emergency Ambulance call is received there is a well rehearsed and process driven chain of events that brings into play a team of people to help provide the best response for that patient or patients.

Although it is the collective team that truly provides a full ambulance response; we recognise that it is made up of individuals who all have their individual characteristics. It is these individuals that become experienced and provide mentoring support for fresh starters during their daunting first experiences of response. Keeping this watchful and helping hand is one of the strengths of the Ambulance Service. We all at some point in our careers reflect on those that gave us that helping hand..

What we hope to do through this website is to provide some insight into the men and women who have been part of the Ambulance Service associated with Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire.

We recognise that the Service is now broader with a footprint covering the North West of England. It is appropriate that the people and their stories who have been part of the other Ambulance Services in the North West are told by other people and other websites.

We welcome any images of staff who would like their image to be a part of the website and would be proud to include any member of staff who is sadly no longer with us. Please feel free to submit any image that you would like and it is fine to show those of you in yesteryear.