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Jun 2020

Billy Linacre - Reflection

Once Around

Billy Linacre sadly passed away after a short illness. Unfortunately; due to COVID restrictions a lot of his friends and colleagues could not attend the funeral service to pay their respects. It was heartening to see arrangements were made for Billy's funeral hearse to drive into Bootle Ambulance Station on the 12th June 2020 and complete a once around of a guard of honour of Billy's family and Colleagues who responded with a heartwarming round of applause.


Billy joined the then City of Liverpool Ambulance Service, as a cadet in 1972. He was in M squad along with, amongst others, Steve Clarke, George D’Arcy, Dave Sullivan, Peter Chapman and Gerry Wignall.
Billy passed out of the Cadets in 1974 and began working on days (outpatients) in various stations including Westminster Road. As the years passed he managed to obtain a shift position, responding to emergencies from Westminster Road, Gillmoss and Fazakerley stations.
Gaining his paramedic qualification in the early 1990’s he could be found on the Rapid Response vehicle, working out of his final station – Bootle.
A cool, calm, deep thinking gentleman, Billy could cope with all things with a debonair parlance that could only be admired. His often used phrase of “take your time” when there was a crisis looming, gave credence to his laid back attitude.
Billy cared for all those he treated, he always went the extra mile saving many lives along the way.
Thank you for service Bill.

Thankyou Ambo

Just felt it important to say thanks to all of my ex colleagues who are working so hard during the COVID crisis. Although I am technically a member of the public having recently rehired; I still pay an active interest in the great care that our Ambulance Service provides. Watching my ex colleagues deliver care in the most challenging of conditions makes me so proud of what you do every minute of every day. Big shout out and a round of applause from myself and my family. #Stay safe team.

Frank Chellew

Thankyou Ambo

Feeling very proud of the efforts by all NWAS staff and I mean all, from CFRs to EOC, for your response to this Covid emergency. Just because we are retired doesn't mean we don't care or take an interest. Well done everyone; you fill my days with pride. Keep safe

Steve Evans MBE (aka Cowpie)


The COVID 19 Crisis has touched us all in different ways. This is a BIG THANKYOU to all of the Ambulance Service frontline Crews who have been there for the publics of Cheshire and Merseyside from COVID Ground Zero. Paramedic Care is challenging at the best of times but when faced with this hidden killer and having to work in constant PPE makes it so much harder. The efforts of the dedicated frontline does not go unnoticed and is worthy of the highest praise.

If you are a retired member and want to post a thank you to our frontline teams send it in via the contact form and we will be happy to help you by posting it on the blog,


Since we were last publishing we are all very saddened to hear that the Liverpool Ambulance Community have sadly lost three of its retired members;

  • Boyd Murdoch
  • Steve Noonan
  • Billy Linacre

Ray and Glyn are just gathering some memories and thoughts about these fabulous and caring Paramedics who served the public of Merseyside and Cheshire for many years of loyal and dedicated service.

Sadly; their funerals took place at a time of the COVID lockdown and their colleagues may not have been able to pay their normal farewells so we will be updating the blog with a tribute of them,

We hope that the message of how much they were loved by their colleagues resonates with their friends and families.

Website Update

For the followers of this website you will know it is hosted by Ray and Glyn. Ray retired from the North West Ambulance Service in November 2019 after serving some 41 years. There has been a slight interlude in the managing of the website and we apologise for that but Ray is back onboard after his interlude and we will be uploading new content shortly.

Ray and Glyn,